CA Events | 16 Mar 2024 | 4:00 PM

Unlock Your Financial Potential with Tally – Your Path to Success! 


Opportunity to check Tally Prime features:

* Audit trail i.e. Edit log feature in TallyPrime
* Excel to tally data import
* CA Tally tips and many more


Webinar Date: 16 MAR 2024.
Webinar Time: – 04:00 PM

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Audit Trail:

Audit trail named as Edit log is intended to ensure that all the activities related to transactions and masters are logged according to MCA notification

  • The primary purpose of an audit trail is to track and trace various activities. It serves as a detailed, chronological record for:
    • Accounting records: Verifying financial transactions.
    • Project details: Monitoring project progress.
    • User activity: Identifying who performed specific actions.
    • Data security and privacy: Ensuring compliance and best practices.


GST (Goods and Services Tax) in TallyPrime refers to the integration of GST-related features within the TallyPrime accounting software. It simplifies the process of recording GST transactions, managing tax rates, and ensuring compliance with GST regulations. Key steps include enabling GST for the company, configuring tax rates, setting up HSN/SAC details, and maintaining party-wise GST information. TallyPrime seamlessly incorporates GST requirements into regular transactions, making compliance efficient and straightforward.

Working in a Multi-User Environment

Uncover the collaborative power of TallyPrime in a multi-user environment. Explore features that streamline teamwork, communication, and task delegation, fostering a more efficient and productive workplace. Learn how TallyPrime facilitates seamless coordination among team members, enabling businesses to thrive in a collaborative setting.

Customized solutions of CBD IT

Our team exemplifies brilliance in distinct industries using flexible and customized solutions. We adhere to Provide excellent quality and timely services to all our clients effectively and efficiently. We keenly focus on customer satisfaction and the service we are providing.

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Work with best tally certified partner

Work with best tally certified partner

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