Every end is a New Beginning…

On 9th November, Tally.ERP 9 era will come to end and journey of TallyPrime will start. Tally is looking forward to match its software with all international standards so accordingly all changes are brought in by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  In TallyPrime version.  During 2018 news of TallyPrime launching was aired among its 2 Million Customers across the globe and finally it is launching in 2020.

You may aware that Mr. Tejas Goenka is the new Managing Director of Tally. He wanted to make tally as world class product for MSME. On 9th November customer with valid TSS subscription can upgrade to this new version free of cost.

  • Some of the awesome features of TallyPrime are…..
    1. Multi-tasking working environment
    2. Extraordinary user experience
    3. Easy Navigation
    4. Better user interface
    5. New browsing capabilities

Many more features are available.

  • with this change tally has kept its 4 designing principles unchanged as…..
    1. Simplified the simplest
    2. Blazing Speed
    3. More Reliability in connected environment
    4. Flexibilitywith multi-tasking

Get ready for this and start your accounting with TallyPrime

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