Accounts Payable and Receivable


Welcome to the world of TallyPrime, if you have already completed the Essential Level 1 course in Tally, congratulations! You are now ready to take your accounting skills to the next level with the Essential Level 2 course. In this blog, we will explore the key aspects of the Tally Essential Level 2 course and how it can empower you to become a proficient Tally user.


This certification helps you understand how to perform basic to intermediate Accounting, Inventory and Basic Taxation (GST, TDS), along with Simplification of Company Books of Accounts to name a few.

The practical applications will be done on the new TallyPrime software to keep the learners at par with the new releases. This course assists learners to become job-ready and opens multiple career options. It provides step-by-step instructions from Storage and Classification, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Order Processing, Budgets, and Scenario Managements.

Tally Essential Level 2

This chapter helps you understand the meaning and types of inventories. Also covers the creation of inventory masters such as Stock Groups, Stock Category, Warehouse and Batches.

This chapter covers the fundamentals and concepts of Outstanding Management, Enabling Bill-wise practical business scenarios on the given references such as, New Reference, Against Reference, Advance Reference, On account Reference with illustrations along with Bill Settlement and Credit Limit feature.

This chapter covers Management of Sales and Purchase Cycle, Placing an Order, Handling Rejections, Raising an Invoice against the order and complete it with receipts and payments.

This chapter covers how to maintain additional costs incurred on purchase of stock.

The chapter includes Recording GST-compliant transactions, E-Way Bill Report in Tally, Input Tax Credit Set Off against Liability, GST Tax Payment amongst other topics.

This chapter covers how to allocate expenses and incomes to different cost units of the organization, automation of allocation of cost center by creating cost center classes in Tally and updating the reports instantly, once after recording the transactions.

This chapter covers how to maintain Budgets & Scenario Management in Tally

This chapter covers how to generate and print all Books and Registers in Tally including Inventory Reports.


This certification consists of (60hrs) of Duration including practical, digital learning, hands on training, Exams / Certification.


 Completing the Tally Essential Level 2 course will elevate your accounting skills to a new level of proficiency. You will gain advanced knowledge in voucher entry, inventory management, accounting reports, taxation compliance, customization, and security. Armed with these skills, you will be well-equipped to handle complex financial tasks, make informed decisions, and streamline your business processes effectively.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in the Tally Essential Level 2 course today and unlock the full potential of this remarkable accounting software. Take your business to new heights of success with Tally’s powerful features and your enhanced expertise.

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