Auto Backup At Time Schedule/Tally Application Start and End

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Backup description –

Tally data security is the most caring aspect of the business. Normally tally is saved in “C” drive and the backup path is different from c drive. Users can configure this data path and backup path and can take backup. Backup is necessary to avoid data loss. We think that taking backup should not be a separate activity of business so we have introduced an Auto backup utility for the tally.

If the user installs this utility backup activity will be done on automation. The user need not remember that he wants to take backup. Even users can decide events, frequency, and volume of backup.

Benefits of Auto backup
1) As the name indicates it will take auto backup as per defined event e.g loading company, closing company, or tally application end.
2) Flexibility to select the data folder
3) It will ask for confirmation from a user so frequency control is in our hands
4) Easy backup
5) Datewise and timing-wise creation of data backup folder so that it will help us to restore data

The backup configuration screen will look like…..


Note*: “Add-on subscription is valid for one year”


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