TallyPrime to WhatsApp Module


Features of Tally to WhatsApp Modules:-

WhatsApp is the biggest messaging social media app in the world, you can send anything anywhere in the format of Text, Images, Videos, music, and PDF files, from one contact Number to another contact Number easily and quickly, most of our customers are using it. Leverage its reach to benefit you and help in making business more efficient. Our Tally to WhatsApp tool will help you to reach your customers quickly and effortlessly. You can send Invoice/Confirmation Receipt/Payment Advice/Outstanding Reminders.

The WhatsApp module is compatible with Tally Prime. Send any document from within Tally i.e. invoices, challans, etc. Instantly intimate your suppliers about payments made by you. Acknowledge payments received from your clients.

Why need?:-

If you want to send your Invoices in PDF files, Reports, Outstanding reminders, Follow-ups, and Text Messages through WhatsApp from Tally software, then this tool is very useful for you. Because with the help of these tools, you can very easily send text messages, Invoices in PDF format, also you can send reports, outstanding reminders, and Follow-up messages through WhatsApp automatically. You can also send in a group and broadcast Messages.

Benefits of Tally to WhatsApp Module:-

  • Our Tally WhatsApp integration uses “WhatsApp for the Web”. This eliminates costly per-message costs.
  • Receiving person knows it is an authentic message as he received the message from your numbers.
  • Send a customized invoice report, outstanding report or any other customize tally document also.
  • Additionally, you have the option to send digitally signed invoices along with our Tally Digital Module. If you want to send a digitally signed copy to your customer you can do can purchase our “digital sign module”. (It’s sold separately).

These tools which are being shown to you now, these tools will work on Tally Prime.

Let’s see how to implements:-

Google Chrome and Date & Time format is up to date

Step 1: Ensure Your Google Chrome is Up to Date. If not, do Update it to latest, Follow below steps:
Update it & ensure that chrome is up to date

Step 2 :  Ensure – > System Date Format Should be:

E.g.: 04-05-2022 if not, then do change in pc date setting and make format as DD-MM-YYYY 

Step 3: Add TCP

Step 4: Restart Tally (It is Mandatory to Restart Your Tally Prime after adding TCP)

Step 4: Enable Add-on Feature [F1 Help -> TDL & Addons -> F6 Addon Features]

Type one drive name E.g.: D:\

Save “Tallywhatsapp” folder in same drive

Click on Yes OR Click ENTER button

Ensure “TallyWhatsapp”Folder saved in D Drive


WhatsApp Reporting > Yes, then type owner no, so it will show in list in all reports to avoid typing every time

WhatsApp Group/Broadcast > Yes.  You can set name of WhatsApp group, broadcasting group name if any available in your WhatsApp no.

Enable Outstanding Reminder & Follow-ups > Yes

Step 5: Enable WhatsApp in Required Voucher Type Master

Set Text Message Template/Format as you wish

Step 6: Connect Tally with your Mobile WhatsApp

Single Click only -> “WA Connect” Button, then wait 40 Seconds to Generate QR Code

Scan QR Code [open your mobile WhatsApp -> Link Devices -> Click Lick Device -> Scan QR code

It will take few seconds to finish device linking, till then wait and It will auto close all windows

Now Your Tally is Successfully Connected with Your Mobile WhatsApp

Step 7: Send WhatsApp from Voucher

You have option to send it to WhatsApp Group / Broadcasting Group

Select Group Name from List and Continue to Send WhatsApp with PDF Attachment

You have option to Send it to Party WhatsApp No.

You can also Send it to any WhatsApp No

Step 8: Send Ledger Statement to Party / Sales Man etc.

Gateway of Tally-> Display More Reports-> Account Books -> Ledger -> Select one Party Ledger

Step 9: Send Outstanding Reminder to Party

Gateway of Tally-> Display More Reports-> Statement of Accounts -> outstanding -> Ledger -> Select one Party

Step 10: you can send any report to any “WhatsApp no /groups”. WhatsApp Button Available in All Reports

Step 11: Outstanding Follow-ups, Reminder, and Auto WhatsApp Reminder to all Parties

Gateway of Tally-> Display More Reports-> Statement of Accounts -> outstanding -> Follow Receivables

ENTER on Party Bill No for Typing Follow-ups Remarks, Next Date of Reminder Follow-ups etc.

Type date wise remarks on follow-ups & give Next Follow-up Date to get Reminder

Remarks will be displayed in blue colour

It will show Reminder Report for the Day when you are Opening Tally & Loading Company

Reminder Report for the Day

Select Party using SPACE BAR OR Select All Parties (if Multiple Parties Showing in Reminder Report

Then Click Follow on W/A

You can type Reminder Message Template & ENTER to Continue

Then, Tally will auto schedule Delivery of Reminder WhatsApp for Automatic Delivery of Messages

You can check status – Click CTRL + N (calculator panel)

It’s done. You can move to your routine work

Tally will execute WhatsApp Reminder Messages to Each Party one by one Automatically

However, you can check WhatsApp Delivery Status -> Click CTRL + N (calculator panel)

In Status, Information’s like:

  • Total No of Reminders
  • Successfully Send/Delivered
  • End Process i.e., it means all delivered
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