User Manual of Journal Vouchers in TallyPrime

How to Record Journal (Adjustment) Vouchers in tally Prime

                (Note: There are 8 category in journal entries   )

  • Opening Entries
  • Rectifying Entries
  • Transfer Entries
  • Adjustment Entries
  • Closing Entries
  • Entries regarding dishonor of cheques
  • Credit purchases and sale of things other than goods
  • Entries of goods withdrawn by the owner for personal use
  • TDS Adjustment Entries

 Gateway of Tally > Vouchers > F7 ( Journal ) Press F2  (Set  the Date) > Enter > Particulars  Dr. (Select  the Ledger of Accounts )  > Type Amount > Enter > Cr. (Select the Ledgers Of Account ) >  Enter > Automatically ( Debit  Amount Transfer to Credit ) >    Enter > Narration > Ctrl + A to Save and Record Journal Vouchers 

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Work with best tally certified partner

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